Disney to demo free air haptic feedback at Siggragh

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air blast 475x264 Disney to demo free air haptic feedback at Siggragh

During Siggraph 2013,  Disney will be showing how virtual objects can be felt without wearing special gloves during gameplay

With AIREAL, interactive tactile sensations can be created in free air using compressed air pressure fields that stimulate the user’s skin. Short blasts are fired from a compact cannon designed to sit alongside a sensor-bar like Kinect. The system is designed to use vortices (rings of air that can travel large distances while retaining their shape and speed).
Disney Research describes the system as creating “interactive tactile experiences in free air”, and it relies on the inherent stability and range of a vortex of air. By spinning the flow of air around the central axis, the blast can be made far more precise and reach further into the room.


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    An idea like this could add greater immersion to something like the Oculus Rift