Leap Motion now compatible with Google Earth

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Leap Google Earth 475x259 Leap Motion now compatible with Google Earth

The gesture based control device will enable people to fly through cities on Google Earth using the motion of their hands.

The Leap Motion is meant to be 100 times more accurate than Microsoft’s Kinect and able to track up to ten fingers in 3D space, when waved above the sensor. It uses a combination of cameras, sensors and infrared LEDs to create a virtual workspace of about eight cubic feet.

It is already in the hands of thousands of developers who are exploring what can be done with hand gesture and one of those is being able to fly through cities on the newly released Google Earth 7.1. Soon you'll be able to soar around San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, Paris, NYC and more.  

You can see how this works in the video below:

Leap Motion near a laptop 300x167 Leap Motion now compatible with Google EarthThe Leap Motion only costs the equivalent of about £50 and will start shipping to consumers May 13th.  The developer programme will create thousands of new free and paid-for apps which will launch in the same month on a Google Play style store called Airspace.  Apps for music, gaming, graphics and design are promised.
The Leap Motion Controller will also be bundled with existing HP products in the future too. 
Code Laboratories is hoping to raise $110,000 on Kickstarter to revolutionise 3D interaction with a similar looking device called the DUO which is precise enough to track a single finger at 374 FPS. 
Leap Motion controllers are available for pre-order from the Leap Motion website