Mad Catz to integrate ’4D sound’ into headphones

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Vivitouch 4D sound 475x253 Mad Catz to integrate 4D sound into headphones

The headphone brand will soon integrate ViviTouch technology so wearers can physically feel sound.

ViviTouch 4D sound technology was developed by Bayer with the goal of more closely matching the sensations experienced in a club, concert or theatre.  
The new Mad Catz headphones will recreate this feeling for gamers with ‘real-time emoting physical sensations'. 
ViviTouch's proprietary technology combines printed electrodes with extremely thin polymer films that simulate the movement of a muscle. 
“We believe ViviTouch™ 4D Sound technology brings an added sense of realism to sound effects in first person shooters and action adventure games” said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. 
With the Oculus Rift expected to add a whole new level of immersion to gaming and the Virtuix Omni walking/running device proving to be a massive hit, achieving its Kickstarter funding goal within hours yesterday, the race is on to create the ultimate VR peripherals.
Audio seems to be the next sense to be re-invented and we are looking forward to seeing how Mad Catz headphones will enhance virtual reality even further.