Provision 3D Media hope to develop life sized holograms

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Full sized hologram 475x262 Provision 3D Media hope to develop life sized holograms

Provision 3D Media hope to develop life sized holograms for the home (if they can raise $950,000 on Kickstarter).

Provision Interactive Technologies has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to develop and market life-size 3D holographic displays that will be able to project a freestanding human-sized hologram floating in space, up to five feet in front of the display.
The California based company already offers holographic style point-of-sale units which projects digital video images detached from the screen, giving the illusion that the images are floating.  
The company hope to leverage the money raised to bring the technology to the home environment saying: “we'll develop the foundation of the future of holographic technology for everyone, laying the groundwork for known anticipated applications (home game consoles) as well as many exciting future developments.”
Futuristic Coupon Dispensers 475x266 Provision 3D Media hope to develop life sized holograms
Phase 1 will be a proof of concept, which will deliver a hardware platform capable of demonstrating a human sized hologram (Specs: 6 feet tall, with the holographic image projecting 7 feet from the screen).  They will then develop an increased optical system and a new proprietary light source to support a human sized hologram. This will be followed by miniaturization of the technology so it is suitable for the home.
The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $950,000 with backers pledging $10,000 getting themselves reproduced as a life-sized hologram for the launch party next year.
For more information visit the Kickstarter page.


  • Koseng

    Hologram like 3D images floating out of screen exists already in the adult entertainment sector. Coincidentally it’s also called Life-size 3D.

  • Jonnyhologram

    what are you talking about? There is no system currently available that projects a life sized 3D image into free space in front of the equipment, rather than inside the equipment i.e. pepper’s ghost