Kinetica Art Fair 2013 in pictures and video

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Explore some of the mind-bending installations at this year's Kinetica Art Fair

"Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions," once said American professor Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Kinetica Art Fair offers plenty of new ideas to stretch one's grey matter.  
Kinetica Art Fair returned to its industrial warehouse style venue in London for the fifth time and explored the concept of fusing art with technology.
Free thinkers, experimental artists, performers and pioneers invited members of the public to step out of reality for a few hours.  
These are just a few of the installations on display, taken by a Google Nexus 4. There is another great wrap up on Huff Post.
Stunningly real holograms from Colour Holographic.  In fact, I didn't realise they were holograms for a while.  The technology is called TruLifeTM and it is virtually impossible to distinguish the holograms from the real items.
Expect a full interview with the chaps soon.

A real fusion of retro and modern technology, the mechanical flipbook by kinetic artists Mark Arnon Rosen and Wendy Marvel have been on display at the San Francisco 2011 Maker Faire and 2012 NY Maker Faire.
This was followed by a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the 'FlipBookit' which people can use to make their own personal mechanical flipbooks.

Treasuring the Particle, Baileybots, was created by engineer Marco Kruyt where moving robotic hands tenderly cherish a light emitting particle. The artwork refers to an exploration into the deepest origins of matter, and our understanding of reality.

The Kinetica Art Fair is based on movement and there were several very animated industrial style pieces on display, including Exoskeleton – a robotic creature consisting of a real boar skull reanimated with animatronics.  You can watch Exoskeleton in the wrap up video below.
A noisy energetic sculpture by Tom Wilkinson, Light Air is a wind powered light sculpture which reflects the directness of wind energy.  The lights are LEDs and change colour in a sequence.  Light Air has the property to transfix the onlooker, almost putting them into a trance.
Oh how I would love my house to be designed by David Ogle who asks: "If objects without light are invisible and without object light serves no purpose, what if the object was light itself?"
Alistair Burleigh's Verses merges sculpture, LED light and projection mapping onto a collection of glass resin flowers.  With his media arts company Wrap3, Alistair pioneered 360 degree video mapping systems. i>Lab is Burleigh's new enterprise which makes ornamental glass resin sculptures and with the use of internal LEDs, the sculptures capture a static and translucent representation of organic forms such as liquids and flowers.
Picture by Huffington Post/Matthew Tucker.

Composition X by artist Aphra Shemza is a sphere within a pyramid within a square alluding to Kepler's Platonic Universe.  Ultrasonic sensors measure the visitor's distance and according to their location in space, the LEDs turn on or off progressively from the outer cube, towards the pyramid, and through to the inner shape of the sphere – the core.  As a result, this draws one into the centre of the work, providing a doorway into a 3D infinite illusion seen through the mirrored reflection.

Explore some of the other installations in the video below: