First Ever Live 3D Transmission from Space

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dreamstime xs 17963200 300x193 First Ever Live 3D Transmission from SpaceThe International Space Station is turned into the world’s first inter-orbit 3D broadcasting studio as NASA astronaut Ron Garan filmed a live blog using a specially developed HD 3D camera. Although NASA have produced 3D photography of solar system exploration before, this is the first time live 3D video has been transmitted from Space.

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The camera itself was developed by the European Space Agency. Called the Erasmus Recording Binocular (ERB-2), the high definition stereoscopic camera is the second generation of ESA's stereoscopic camera family developed by Cosine BV (Leiden, the Netherlands) and Techno System (Naples, Italy).

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During the broadcast, Flight Engineer for Expedition 28 Ron Garan talks about the work on board the ISS and manipulates a floating globe to demo the stereoscopic qualities of the camera. "The camera could also be used in the future outside the ISS to support the astronauts' spacewalks or other critical robotic operations," said ERB-2 co-ordinator Massimo Sabbatini.

The historic event was watched by viewers on the ground at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) via cinema style 3D polariased glasses.

However, the ESA have said they will be posting the videos on their YouTube channel. “If you already have a new generation 3D-enabled plasma TV at home, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the world of the Space Station without leaving your sofa. These videos will turn more people into real space fans," said Sabbatini. 

In the meantime, you can watch a sneak preview on the ESA website with red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Also, for 3D still images from space, the following video has penty!

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