JUST IN! – World’s first 2160p glasses free 3D TV

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3D Focus can reveal that Stream TV Networks will announce a high resolution 4K glasses free 3D TV suitable for the home at IFA.

At 13.30 in Berlin, the Philadelphia based company will talk about the Ultra-D 2160p – an autostereoscopic 60” 3D TV that multiple people can watch without any viewing restrictions. Unlike rival displays, there are no ‘jumps’ in the 3D effect when a viewer moves his or her head. 
After the Ultra-D 2160p, Stream TV Networks say they will launch tablets, phones and PC's using the Ultra-D 2160p screen. Ultra-D 2160p will upscale a 1080p source (such as Blu-ray, Xbox or ITunes) and transforms this into a 4K glasses free 3D image.
Ultra-D makes all the available content today into a 2Kx4K 3D without-glasses format. Ultra-D does not split images left and right like all other attempts at 3D and uses a unique optical system and motion based algorithms. 
Stream TV Networks will announce more details about its partnership with Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense regarding a range of televisions and other products featuring Ultra-D™ including availability and pricing at IFA, Berlin.
Hisense has a presence in over 80 countries and regions including Europe, North Americas, Australia and Africa. Interview with STREAM TV NETWORKS CEO HERE.